Electrical Safety for Researchers

When:  Sep 28, 2017 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM (ET)
Topics covered in this two-hour program will include:
Electrical Safety – What Everyone Should Know
Basic Electrical Theory
Basic Electrical Power distribution
Why “Polarized” and “3-prong” plugs are important
Cords and Power-strips
Hazards of Electricity
Physical Effects from different kinds of Electric Shock
Arc Flash / Arc Blasts
Personal “Safe Work Habits” around Electricity
Design of safe “electrical work” areas / labs / offices
Design / Selection of safe “electrical equipment” in labs and offices
Hazards of Static Electricity and Controls
Grounding and Bonding
Hazards of Inductive Electricity
Hazards of Stored Electricity (Capacitors and Batteries)
“Intrinsically Safe” and “Explosion Proof” Electrical Equipment
Interlocks, Fail Safe Machine Control Logic and Programmable Logic Controllers
Electrical Test Meters and their safe use
Electrical Safety in your Work Area / Lab

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