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  • Hi Mary, Thanks so much for explaining! I will definitely reuse this exercise - what a powerful way to demonstrate the importance of SOPs and other safety documentation!! :-)  -Cheryl ------------------------------ Cheryl Zurbrick, Ph.D. College Lab ...

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  • Thank you Mary -  I will definitely be using this when I give my safety seminars to the incoming grad students. What a great idea! ------------------------------ Jesse Decker Director for Safety | College of Engineering University of Wisconsin - Madison ...

  • Hi Cheryl, Glad to share. As background I did this exercise during a meeting for lab EHS representatives as the intro to a discussion of written lab procedures and why they are important. The participants were lab reps (including grad students, post-docs, ...

  • I'd love to hear more about Mary's "telephone game" - it sounds like a really useful activity for my upcoming lab safety officer meeting! Mary - do you mind sharing more since I was unable to attend the call this week? ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi all, We had a lovely meeting with several in attendance and great chatting by all of us. For those unable to attend, here is a brief synopsis. We started with the prompts of the two articles that Cheryl sent out and asked ourselves ...

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