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  • All; The March conference call did not take place as planned.  I was called away. We have one item of pressing business - supporting the Small College COP in their effort to schedule a cross-COP call with us.  One proposal is 3/20/19, but that time ...

  • Before requiring a fire extinguisher, it is crucial to know what actually burned.  Everything in a kiln is rock or metal, so it's difficult to know what was the fuel.  If it was the metal, then disconnecting the power is the right answer.  Unless it was ...

  • New foam finishes require testing to NFPA 286, which is different than the standard ASTM E-84 ("Steiner tunnel" test from the 1930s).  IBC and NFPA both have this requirement for foam finishes. The results from NFPA 286 are pass/fail not class/FSI/SDI.  ...

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  • Recently, the CSHEMA  Conference Education Committee has approved the all day PDS - Advanced safety skills for compressed gases for July 18th.  We have a number of experts from Airgas lined up to teach the finer points of managing hazardous gases on ...

  • Hi, Here is my two cents. International Fire Code (IFC) 906 and NFPA 10, Section 5 provides the selection of portable fire extinguisher based on the fire classification. I can find no reference to any specific location similar to a ceramic studio, ...

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